The Solar Panel Highway welcomes commentary and news about solar and other renewable energy. We are interested in innovative scientific developments (at all stages) and the people who are working to help save our beautiful green planet. Through projects and ideas both large and small, you can expect a lot of links to articles and YouTube. And some good news about creating jobs, getting grants, and other clever ways to save you some green cash.

As an information highway, we will post news on what states are putting solar panels along highways, what governors are selling our highways to overseas companies, and how guys who get things done did it.

We hope to be a source of primarily good news, but as you all know, bad stuff happens.

 Solar Panel Highways 

Map of the National Highway System from the U.S. Department of Energy website

Solar Energy Technologies Program - SunShot Initiative

 Funding Opportunities - Green Building Grants




Let's contact President Obama and our U.S. State Governors and ask them to not just renovate our highways and bridges, but to innovate by lining them with solar panels.

If President Eisenhower's generation could build the interstate, our generation can line it with solar panels.

Pass it on!