Solar Panel Highways is an advocacy group; our mission is to create jobs through renewable energy projects across America, and preserve the planet.

  The interstate is considered President Eisenhower's great achievement.  It's compared to the first moon landing.  We believe that if Eisenhower's generation could build it, our generation can line it with solar panels.

   We invite subscribers to join us to get solar panels placed along America’s highway system while we the people still own it.

Solar Panel Highways is an idea for the safest, cleanest, least view obscuring energy source that President Obama's energy policy ($36 billion for nuclear and only $112 million for solar in 2010) can fund. We have no specific figures to post for 2014.


The idea is to put solar panels along the thousands of miles of our interstate highways. We believe that the highway system is still owned by the U. S. public. Although, we've read (Time mag.”Who really owns the roads?”) that since 2005, governors are leasing highways to international companies in order to balance state budgets. Example: Texas, “under the enthusiastic leadership of Governor Rick Perry” in 2007 became a pioneer in highway 

privatization. This can end that practice.  And, create jobs.


An editorial in "The Wall Street Journal" claiming that all energy has a down side: Nuclear/Fukushima, Oil/BP explosion in the Gulf, Coal/mines collapse, and Solar and Wind are not practical because they require claiming vast tracts of land. Well, our highways already did that.  The land is already cleared and owned by us. We think it could create a feeling of national pride to drive along a highway lined with solar panels.  


A few years ago NOVA (PBS) had a show “Saved by the sun” about solar.  A highway on the autobahn in Germany had panels.  A little research found that they are actually doing it in Carver, Massachusetts on Route 44.  See our What's New page: "It's The First Solar Project Built along a Major Highway on the East Coast".

The only other highway installation is in Oregon:


A little more research found:


With the “Solar Panel Highway” the goal is to create jobs. And, truly clean (unlike Fracking) non-polluting renewable energy. Energy that does not require claiming vast amounts of land. Our highways already claimed thousands of miles of now cleared land. That land is owned by us!


Pass it on!