We applaud President Obama's speech -june 25, 2013 to limit greenhouse gases as a call to action, but as we all know, a President cannot fund programs.  We maintain that until our government makes it financially advantageous to place solar panels on privately owned buildings as well as government buildings and along highways, we can not compete or move forward with renewable energies like solar. We Americans take certain 21st century advances such as wireless for granted, but we are stuck in a 20th century fossil fuel “dead zone”. Don’t let anyone tell you that highways aren’t great, proven places to install solar panels for clean, independent energy.  JUST LOOK AT THE SUCCESS OF THE WIRELESS GIANTS.  They’ve used our rooftops and highways for years now without much opposition.


They paid for it. The quick money is in placing cell phone towers along our highways and atop buildings. One building in New York City can make $50,000. A town in upstate New York made $13,800.00. The major wireless giants like Verizon, AT&T, and T- Mobile have been doing this over the last few years on interstate I-87 and many other roadways.  They couldn’t do it without your counties’, towns’, or cities’ permission. We Americans own the highway right of way. Our fathers built and paid for it.


Some Background

Here’s a partial list of Corporate activity:

AT&T Mobile, “Schroon, NY – New Cell Tower For Adirondacks’ I-87 ‘Dead Zone’, Posted May 25, 2012




The Post-Star,  “Cell tower proposal raises neighborhood anxiety”, by Maury Thompson, Posted May 9, 2012


The Star Ledger, “Disguised Cellular Phone Towers sprout up across N.J.”, by Brent Johnson, Posted October 10, 2010


We laughed out loud reading about the lengths and extra expense these wireless companies go to when using our right of ways. They even hide cell phone towers in flag poles or make them look like trees.


Some drivers mistake cell phone towers for solar, but as of this posting, there is only one solar installation on the East Coast in Carver, Massachusetts. We thank New Jersey for its landmark 30,000 solar panels on utility poles. If you know of more solar installations planned, please let us know.


Let me reiterate that we are not against good cell phone reception. We are for affordable, clean energy (and against hydraulic fracturing).


I am sure that some citizens will find solar panels on highways unattractive – even if they are placed low along roadways.  But, think of a hydrofracking alternative:  tall frack wells sticking out above the treetops.  Noisy, lit up monsters guzzling our clean water running  24/7 with exit roads trucking toxic waste and methane gas through our countrysides and neighborhoods. That's gas to be shipped overseas.


The same government that warns us of the dangers of using cell phones to talk and text while driving has rushed to place cell phone towers along our highways because of the revenue they collect. How is that money being used?  Could it be used for solar installation or highway maintenance? Or used to save us money on our electric bills and reduce global warming? Let’s get busy.  Tell our state representatives who control funding that we want Solar Panel Highways now.


Pass it on!