Foreign companies’ growing appetite for U.S. oil and gas assets.


We Americans have been told that shale gas will reduce our dependence on “foreign energy” but, just as oil in the Gulf off New Orleans is drilled by BP (British Petroleum) and shipped around the world, so too will American shale gas be bought, owned, sold, and used around the world. Ever ask yourself where the oil from the Exxon Mobil settlement in Iraq went and why prices at the US gas pump didn’t go down?


The French oil giant TOTAL, the company that purchased 60% of SunPower Corp. in 2011, has recently purchased a minority stake in a swath of Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s Ohio shale discovery for 2.32 billion.

China’s state owned Sinopec has also entered the U.S. Shale Market


See The New York Times January 3, 2012 by Azam Ahmed

So, what are we Americans getting out of all this –– Fracking?

  1. Jobs that could also be created by clean energy like The Solar Panel Highway.
  2. Pollution of our drinking water.
  3. Noisy frack towers that run 24/7 scarring up our countryside.
  4. Injection wells that no one told us about and are already in question because of seismic activity in the form of earthquakes in states that hardly or never have quakes: Oklahoma, Iowa, Ohio, Texas so far.

 See The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 3, 2012 by Don Hopey

  1. No state is safe because where there aren’t frack wells there will be injection wells. Rivers and waterways do not stand still.

If you are a shareholder in Exxon Mobil or another fossil fuel company, we urge you to move your investment to solar or another renewable energy company. Your children and future generations will thank you.

New York State's Water Supply vs. Hydrofracking


So, What is Hydrofracking?
The hydrofracking process injects millions of gallons of clean water from our lakes, rivers, and streams combined with sand and unnamed chemicals with such force that it creates earthquakes horizontally across the shale.  Gas, toxic chemicals, heavy metals and radioactive materials are released.  The toxic cocktail brought to the surface then has to be disposed of.  This "cheap gas" may be depleted in 5 to 15 years.  Cheap because Dick Cheney's Energy Policy Act of 2005 exempts fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act as well as regulatory oversight.  It has delayed the use of renewable energies.
I would like to quote from "Water Works."  It's a Cooper Union exhibit brochure describing N.Y. State's acqueducts that I've saved since 1995, possibly before hydrofracking became such a serious issue with a proven negative history.
"For 165 years (then) New York City has been designing and building structures that collect, store and deliver water.  The result of this monumental process is a system that reliably provides nine million people an abundant supply of the precious resource.  The city water works is widely regarded as one of the best urban water supplies in the world. It is a body of civil engineering that is without equal, representing a range of design and construction innovations whose formal clarity and structural logic is both technically inspired and artistically beautiful....
Our unique and magnificent deciduous forest has also sustained us and inspired artists throughout history.  How can we even consider trashing our watershed in this way.

Update 2013


Have you heard of (LNG) liquified natural gas? 

It's what the fossil fuel industry plans to do with our shale gas.  Once they have fracked it (LNG) will be shipped right out of the U.S.

The Delaware Riverkeeper informed its subscribers of a Department of Energy newly released  report considering increased exports of shale gas. This will delay and modify any investment in renewable energies and further compromise our ecosystem.

Fracking News

The following is an excerpt from The Week magazine, April 5, 2013.

Tremors from fracking: Scientists have linked Oklahoma's largest earthquake-a 5.6 magnitude quake near the town of Prague, in 2011-to hydraulic fracturing, supporting claims that the process increases seismic activity....This week, researchers at the University of Oklahoma, Columbia University, and the U.S. Geological Survey published findings that linked wastewater injection to seismic events in the area, highlighting the need for greater government oversight.  The central U.S. has experienced an 11-fold increase in seismic activity in recent years.  "There's not a magic bullet," said researcher Heather Savage, "but if we have more monitoring  capabilities we can watch these things."  
The geological office [still claims] the quake "could have been the result of natural causes."

MEANWHILE: it's "Full Green Ahead" for the Pentagon
Mother Jones, by Julia Whitty, March/April 2013

Despite opposition from Senator James Inhofe (R. Okla.) "the U.S. Navy is actively pursuing its' "Great Green Fleet".  The Dept. of Defense burns more than 12 million gallons of oil a day.  It's goal is to meet 25% of its energy needs with renewables by 2025.